Behold, all fans of sport games and namely – football. The real masterpiece is on the run and you are welcome to become one of the first players who will try this game out. This is FIFA 22, the new-generation game where you can become a star of world football and win the main cup. We have been waiting for this starry release for so long, since it has been delayed by the latest events in the world, namely – the pandemics, but now it is here. The free version is at your disposal, so roll in! Not only the visual improvements, but numerous new features are waiting for you in this part of the game. Ready to start?

The digital football game you might be already familiar with become more and more advanced with every new launched chapter. This time, you are going to find yourself at a large and bright universe of teamwork and competition. As always, you have a chance to play for one of your favorite teams and enter the football field as a legend of the universal sport. The game includes even more teams from all corners of the world, as well as the players that are well-known around the globe. You are here to make a journey to the top – become a footballer and follow the career storyline, overcoming numerous challenges and improving your skills on the way. You will have to face the rivals of different levels – some are more advanced than you, so be ready to deal with serious opponents. However, don’t be afraid to play against the well-versed players – this will help you develop new strategies and become even stronger. Win and move forward like a real comet – the incredible victories and real achievements are waiting for you in FIFA 22.
The game will offer different regimes and you are welcome to choose the one you like better. For instance, there is a solo-regime where you as a player will make your way to the top of the rating table. Also, you can manage an entire team that consist of numerous footballers and manage their cooperation. Each of these options is equally amazing and challenging at the same time. Tactics and strategies are your main weapons in FIFA, so learn not only to run fast and play aggressively (if this meets your vision and style), but invent schemes and interesting moves to gain more points. The game allows you to do some tricky moves that will distract your rivals and experiment with your strategies in the training hall. Have fun, get the ball, and win the tournament! The world league is waiting for you to master it!

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