The most enjoyable and well-thought football game made by truly professional developers, fond of football and everything connected with sports. FIFA 20 is a great title – the creators took into account all the desires and feedback from the community and did their best to produce a true masterpiece. In this part, all the problematic aspects of FIFA game were changed and improved – now you are welcome to enjoy the best football ever and have fun with your buddies and people from the server. For example, in this part, fast footballers are really fast – the issue with defenders who were able to get them in the previous game is solved and now they act like they should. The game is speedy and more energetic than it ever was – players move in a rhythm that will excite every fan. They give passes, run fast, and strike the balls into the gates – everything looks pretty much the same as it is on the real-life field.

There are modes to explore and the best one here is VOLTA Football. Here you can play football on the streets of the city, which is no less exciting (and sometimes – even more exciting) than traditional game on the stadium. This mode has not been included in the previous parts, so now players will experience a brand new way of playing, like never before. Here you can play in teams: three VS three, four VS four, and five VS five. The matches are held on the streets, still all the rules of traditional stadium football are applied to them. The games on the stadium and at the street follow the same principles and work on the same engine. The main difference is that you will have to be skillful, fast, and independent rather than strategic and tactical – there is no need to focus on the team play too much. In addition, the game has a great customization set for your footballers. You can choose the way your players look and adjust all the traits, including their gender, clothes, accessories, and even tattoos. In VOLTA Football there is a storyline. Players can follow it – your character will outlive the career path and follow his/her path in big sports.
In this game, you will have a chance to enjoy the classical football where eleven players play against eleven players of the opposing team. There are numerous stadiums you will visit – seventeen locations are open for you and each of them is unique. You will travel to cities like Amsterdam, Cape Town, Berlin, Los Angelis, Miami, and more. The scoring system is also updated and improved, so all of your successful kicks will definitely bring you rewards and victories! Have fun in one of the best football simulators ever existed!

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