In the sixteenth part of FIFA game you will find the unique add-on that has never been available in the previous games. This is women football! Now the female national teams of Brazil, Canada, USA, Canada, China, and other regions are playable. The team of women can play against each other only or join the offline tournaments and friend matches. The new animations for running were recorded and the female-players have richer mimics and movements. Also, the game now includes unique playing styles such players as Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair. The improvements of the graphics as a whole will also gladden all the fans. The developers experiment with light and shadow, textures of the skin, and weather. The arrangement of classical matches has been improved as well. There are nine conditions of the weather and you are welcome to choose the one like – sun, snow, rain, fog, etc. The intensity of every weather condition can be adjusted.

In this game, you will meet fourteen players of Real Madrid, including Ronaldo, Rodrigues, Modric, and more. In general, this game has more than 400 new faces! The physical model of defenders has 25 new features now. The defenders in this part of the game act better and cooperatively. They act more thoughtfully and know how to cover the dangerous and complicated spots. They track the actions of competitor’s defenders better and have new movements, like black rolls and various tricks for distraction. The game also includes the trainer’s mode – this mode activates tips and advice that will appear above the head of every active member in your team. When you hold the ball, the mode will suggest better actions to strike a goal. In case you don’t have a ball, the game will show you how to get it. The trainer mode will become more advanced with time and teach you to make complicated tricks. There are more modes, like career and ultimate team, which are classical for the series. You will take part in different tournaments and improve your tactics to become the stronger player and win the main cup! You can buy and rent the players, give training tasks to them, and make your way forward!

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