FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition


Football is not an easy kind of sport and it takes long years to reach success on the soccer field. But in FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition everything is much simpler and faster! Today you are more than ever ready to demonstrate your football skills. There are spectacular stadiums and riveting matches waiting for you. You just need to believe in yourself and prove everyone that you too can become a soccer star!

Plunge into the fascinating world of football, create a player, turn him into a universal expert – both a goalkeeper and a striker. Put on a uniform and let him out on the field! The guy wants to become a football star, win tournaments and championships, earn a lot of money and give interviews. But that is later, for now he will have to rush around the stadium, fight for the ball, get crippled, collect penalty cards, train and re-enter the field to show his progress.

If you get tired of the single mode, there are a few more. For example, multiplayer where you can compete against real people. Or coaching where you won’t be chasing the ball, but receive a team under control. You can choose your favorite club or collect a star lineup of the best players in the world. Just imagine how cool it will be to get Ronaldo or Zinedine Zidane! Monitoring the improvement of their skills and coming up with a winning tactics, you can lead your team to glory!

The game will strike you with realistic graphics and astonishing animations. Everything that happens on the screen perfectly emulates real life. It will be like watching one of the football broadcast, only you will have an active part in every second of the match. Enjoy the riveting process of passing the ball across the field and hitting it right into the goal, win matches and move up the leaderboards. Spend your earnings on upgrading your players and unlock new stadiums. Lay claims to the cup of the champions and try to do everything in your power for your team to shine in the rays of fame!

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