FIFA 19 is the game from the FIFA series and namely – the 26th one. Here you will join the universe of professional football and become a real football player. The face of this game is a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most popular people on the planet! The game has a pretty interesting setting – it is connected with the UEFA Champions League. It is arranged and designed like this League, while the actor’s cast and sounding are also relevant. There is a same-named game regime here, where players can make his/her way from the team play mode to a final. You can choose the format that seems the most interesting to you – a career story or fast football matches.

In this game, you can make different moves – fake actions to trick your opponents, throwing the ball in the air, one timers, and more. There is a brand new tactical system here and it allows you to realize different schemes. These schemes are all adjustable – you can make changes right in the game if you want to. The characters’ intellect and skills are much better in this part of the game. You will definitely enjoy the advanced abilities they have now. This part of FIFA includes 49 national teams, where 30 are licensed entirely and 18 are licensed partly. The teams have real players, but most of the emblems are not official. Some teams, like Brazilian, have authentic symbols and signs. And, by the way, you will see the women teams here as well!
Make your way to the super cup and become the best football player in the world! We bet that all football fans will like this entertaining title a lot! Especially, those that adore great physics and authentic playing experience. Choose the character, play in a team, win the best prizes and see your name in the list of the best winners in the history of football. Call your buddies and arrange a team of professional footballer together to act like a single organism and learn the balanced and well-thought team play.

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