This part of the FIFA series is the first one that uses highly-advanced engine Frostbite, which ensures realistic moves and incredible physics. The face of this part is Marco Royce, the stellar player of Dortmund Borussia. Most of the standard settings and traits were processed in this game and now you can choose your variant of running and moves when you make penalty strokes. The trajectory of the ball’s flight can be changed manually. What is more, the kicks can be done with any speed and from all imaginable angles. Prepare for a more advanced and super-realistic football experience and enjoy the high level of gameplay engine for the very first time – none of the previous chapters could boast of anything as great as that.

Also, this game is the first one to include the regime called Story. Playing this mode, you can pass the long way of a footballer Alex Hunter. You will start your career as a young aspiring player and make your way to the top. As a result, you will become a star of Premier League and experience the complicated but very inspiring personal story. If you will choose the ultimate team mode, you will meet seventeen different football clubs. There are licensed and non-licensed ones here. Both have real-life players, but non-licensed teams’ emblems and symbols are not certified. In this part there is a team of New Zealand and the Japanese football league. All the clubs that enter the Japanese league have real emblems. All the game regimes are equally interesting and engaging. Try them all out and we bet that you will find the most suitable one! Have fun and enjoy the real thrilling football full of emotions and real victories!

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