The most advanced football simulator where incredible technology Real Player Motion erases the boarders between digital world and reality. The developers of this game recreated the players from the well-known football clubs accurately, which means that you are welcome to act as your most favorite footballers do. The teams and the stadiums are also perfectly-made, so you will definitely dive into the atmosphere of a real football. This game features one of the main events of football universe – the World Cup in Russia. You can take part in one of the most significant football tournaments of the history where realistic playing process, real teams, and amazing stadiums are waiting for you. And there is more.

As all the other parts of the series, this one includes the most popular regime Ultimate Team. Due to the revised and improved system of cooperative game and dynamic behavior of players, this game feels really awesome. The points you receive for successful matches have a better ranking system now. In addition to all of these cool in-game features, you have a chance to create a team of your dream, buying and renting the players from your most favorite clubs. Here you will meet such stars as Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, Ronaldinho, and more. You can play for each of the stars and outlive the unique stories of their career. Every narration is not the same as the rest. Outplay them all and find out how differently the destinies of various world-known players are. The developers did their best to recreate special moves and playing style of each – this means that they are more than just game characters who look like your favorite players. This is your real chance to find yourself in the shoes of the football stars! Join the game right now and have fun on the server where thousands of other fans are already waiting for you!

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