FIFA 15 is a nice football simulator that opens the world of big sport to you. The way to the world league is now open and you are welcome to follow it right here and right now. Now the tribunes around you are lively and bright – they make sounds and move like real fans! The net reacts to the ball in a very natural and realistic manner – each time you strike it precisely, you see the physics of the net, so advanced and detailed that you will be excited. In this chapter of FIFA, the footballers are also livelier than ever – there are new emotions and face expressions that make the game even more energetic and allows you to feel yourself present on the field. Literally! Everything is visible to you now. What is more, now you can fully control the standard moves and figures – when you make penalty kicks or angular strike, you can choose and adjust the positions of your players perfectly with your own hands even without the ball.

Also, the game includes a system of automatized goals fixation: when the dubious moment happens and it is hard to say if the ball touched the gates or not, the slow-motion videos will appear on the screen. These videos will make the movement of the ball obvious and you will easily distinguish if there was a goal or not. The developers have also advanced the way goalkeepers behave – not they move, think, and look their real prototypes. Due to the advanced AI technology, the goalkeepers can “read” and forecast the passes of the ball and therefore – play more efficiently and defend the gates better. What is more, the new and more detailed animation of the bounces was developed. There is an opportunity to make the move with your goalkeeper and make all the team members to run at the gates. The goalkeeper will pass a signal and the other players will hurry up to the right spot. The game includes two main regimes – the career and ultimate team. The first one is your personal story. In the second one, you can get players into your team, plan the cooperation of your players, and model their positions on the field.

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